Missing sheets:

Here is a list of all the matches that i don’t have:
10/9 Muph Divers @ Three Lyons
Featchercocks @ Fliers
10/23 Just the Tip @ Three Lyons
10/30 WTF @ Despicabulls
11/6 Feathercocks @ Three Lyons
11/13 Slam Dunk @ Fliers
Christine @ Townies
11/20 Christine @ Slam Dunk

Now, it is entirely possible that you sent it to me, and i just didn’t find it, but right now, i don’t think i have these sheets.


Weekly Results

There is a page now at the bottom of the columns on the left called Weekly Results. Basically it is just the raw data that i have entered. You can double check that information if you wish, and send me a note if any of it is wrong. (Either by someone sending me bad info, or me typo-ing it in wrong)

Almost ready to put up individual stuff.

Missing Sheets:

I am in the process of compiling everything (first time setting it up always takes a bit longer) so that there will be actual stats and stuff under the buttons to the left!

As always, i am missing a few sheets. Here is what i do not have. (And in the unlikely event that someone reads this while i am still working, i can get them entered in as well)

10/9: Muph Divers @ Three Lyons
10/9: Feathercocks @ Crowbar Fliers
10/16 Christine @ Feathercocks