Post Season:

We swapped 2 sets of teams.  Despicabulls were the only A team with a losing record, and The Dart Team was the only B team with a winning record, so we flipped them.

The Flying Saucers had far and away the best record in C, so we had to move them up.  We moved the Feathercocks down, as they had the lowest winning percentage in B.

We will play a six week schedule, you will play each of the other 3 teams in your division twice, once at home and once away.  I will post the $$ per win before Thursday next week, but I don’t know what it is right at the moment.

The divisions for playoffs will be as follows:

A:  Mushroom Stampers | Muph Divers | Townies | The Dart Team

B: Despicabulls | Sharknado | Three Lyons | Flying Saucers

C: Feathercocks | Slam Dunk| Fliers | Redeyes

D: LSM | Christine | Comebacks | Just the Tip

The Fitz — April 5th

We have the Howard Johnson room booked for April 5th for the Fitz dart tournament.   There is approximately a 1% chance that I can help set it up.  If anyone has the ability to help us make this tournament happen, let me or Vicki George know.  We really just need some volunteers to make sure that we have the boards there.   Set up is a snap, and tournaments practically run themselves so long as one person knows what is going on.  (that’s the easy part)