Weekly Results

There is a page now at the bottom of the columns on the left called Weekly Results. Basically it is just the raw data that i have entered. You can double check that information if you wish, and send me a note if any of it is wrong. (Either by someone sending me bad info, or me typo-ing it in wrong)

Almost ready to put up individual stuff.

Missing Sheets:

I am in the process of compiling everything (first time setting it up always takes a bit longer) so that there will be actual stats and stuff under the buttons to the left!

As always, i am missing a few sheets. Here is what i do not have. (And in the unlikely event that someone reads this while i am still working, i can get them entered in as well)

10/9: Muph Divers @ Three Lyons
10/9: Feathercocks @ Crowbar Fliers
10/16 Christine @ Feathercocks

Halloween and other news

The 30th of October is not a misprint. We’re meeting to have a Halloween Party. We will all meet and shoot in the Tournament room at Sidestreet in the Howard Johnson. Costumes are highly encouraged.

Also, I will get the Townies on the schedule shortly. (tis way easier to post a thing like this than get all that done at once. ) I will also let the two teams involved know where the game will be.

Finally, as always, i have half of the sheets right now. (4/8) Take a picture and text it to me at 701-306-6694

Schedule is up

Don’t hesitate to point out anything that is wonky.  The Halloween party at sidestreet on the 30th does create some teams going on the road for a few in a row, but that’s the price for all of us meeting in one place.  A few of us have to sacrifice a home game.  I’m really looking forward to that.  Again, If we can find Dennis, (or for that matter, any other team) we can get rid of the byes.

Have fun this year — and please try to send a text or email of the scoresheet from the bar even, and i can get the stats up right away.

2014 Schedule

I am in the process of slapping this sucker together.  The plan is to play a 15 week regular season, in which every team plays every other team one time.  The reason for this is that I can’t find Dennis Barutt and therefore I have no idea if we have a 16th team.  If we don’t find him, we have a bye, and there is no other fair way to distribute the bye except to give every team one bye.  And the only way to do that is this way.  IF we do find him and he has a team, we’ll just sub him in for the bye.  If i knew he was playing, we could make the schedule more unbalanced and workable, but if i wrote one that way and then he dropped, then 7 teams would get 2 byes and 7 would get zero and that just isn’t fair at all.


So, expect the schedule up sometime during football today.