Good news.  Playoff wins were $4.75 not $4.50, so everyone gets a little more.  If you think i don’t have your address, please send it to me again.  I will write out the checks next week, assuming i don’t hear any corrections about the win totals.


There is a tab on the left side that lists the payouts for the year.


Final Stuff:

I am missing the results of three matches from the last week (Two of which are known make-ups, including my team).  I should be able to post the payouts after i get those.  I will mail out checks a few days after that.  (There are some addresses that I do not have, but I will contact your captains for them)


A:  Townies; Menace to Sobriety; Mushroom Stampers; Team Irish

B: Muph Divers; Crowbar; Swipe Right; Flying Saucers

C: WTF; The Dart Team; Sharknado; Comebacks

D: Feathercocks; Christine; Brown Stools; No Bulls Hit


Flying Saucers and The Dart Team were essentially tied, and saucers won 14-12 in games in matches.

Feathercocks and Comebacks were exactly tied, but Feathercocks A) won a forfeit 13-0 and B) lost 20-19 in games in matches.