Again, i have no idea why the site is suddenly not  importing my stuff in the format it used to anymore.  Sucks.  Here are the 4 sheets that I am missing: 2/25 Menace to Sobriety v Muph Divers; 3/10 Redeyes v Bullsacks; 3/17 Comebacks v Redeyes; 3/24 Redeyes v Three Lyons


Also Vicki tells me that some of you guys still haven’t paid yet.  Get on that!


I have no idea why the site has decided that it won’t import my excel sheets, but it is.  So, I am not messing around with the schedule one, where i would normally post the results.  I am missing 4 sheets:  Menace to Sobriety v Muph Divers; Redeyes v Bullsacks; Comebacks v Redeyes; Three Lyons v Feathercocks.


There will be a Fitz tournament on April 2 at the Cactus Jacks. I really want everyone who is in the league to make an effort to get some teams out there.  Contact me either at 306-6694 or and let me know so we can have some idea of how many teams (and therefore boards) will be playing.


There will be 3 groups of 6 teams for the playoffs.   This will make them last 5 weeks.

Looking at the standings, I will guess that likely 2 teams will move up from C to B, and 2 will move down from B to C, the records look pretty clear that this should work.

I have no idea what will happen from A and B, as it really only looks like 1 team should move up, but 2 of us look like we should move down.  I guess our make-up week with each other will be a cage match.  =)