Schedule up

Here is how I bracketed the teams:  (100% went by records and please realize that i am missing quite a few sheets)

A: Menace to Sobriety

Mushroom Stampers


Muph Divers



B: Flying Saucers

Crowbar Fliers


Three Lyons

Slam Dunk

The Dart Team

C: Swipe Right






Next week

We will play next week.  There were no new teams to add, so there will be three brackets with 6 teams each in them.  It is likely that one or two teams will move up to A, and one or 2 will move down from A.  (Depending on what the records look like, and whether those teams actually want to move down.)  The B/C division is going to be trickier to make work, simply because the records there do not look as clear cut.  If you want to give me any input as to A/B/C that your team would like to shoot in, send it with your sheets tonite.

Latest update

A little tedious getting thru stuff… I have all the stuff entered that i have, just not prettied up yet.

I am missing the following 4 sheets (so if you can send them before i finish, i’ll put them in too)

10/15 Muph Divers at Mushroom Stampers

10/22 Flying Saucers @ Three Lyons

10/22 Muph Divers @ Menace to Sobriety

10/29 Redeyes @ WTF

New Stuff!

Here are a few notes from the captains meeting last night:

  1. We are starting the league on October 8.
  2. We added 3 new teams but we did lose Just The Tip
  3. James Henninger was elected league president
  4. Vicki announced that this is her last year as Treasurer.
  5. We changed the 301 double in double out game (third round, games 5 and 6) to 501 double out.
  6. The Couples tournament will be TBA in January at Cactus Jacks
  7. The Prinze will be held at the Bowler this year.
  8. We will rerank teams for the season after a 6 week mini season.  This means that we can totally add new teams after those first 6 weeks if you hear of any interest let James or I know.
  9. We will again have a Halloween party the week of October 29th.  This year we will be at Cactus Jacks.  Vicki wants me to remind you to wear a costume.  ;)