Schedule is up!

This was as complicated as I have ever seen.  The two bars that I have to juggle are in the same division, which meant that the flexibility was way less than normal.  Also, I wanted to mix in the out of division games, rather than run them all in a row.  So there are going to be occasions for teams to be home or away 3 times in a row (I think it only happens to 2 teams).  But every team has 5 home games and 5 road games.  The week after the schedule will be for make-ups.  Also, we will pay some money (assuming we all pay the league fee) to first and second in each of the 4 team divisions, so make sure that you get all you games in.


I have all of the sheets that i have entered.  It is my assumption that since we have 16 teams, we will do 4 divisions.  My plan would then be that A would play A teams 2x, then would play all the B teams.  B would play B 2x, then all the A teams, C plays c 2x, then all the D teams, and finally D plays D 2x, and then all the C teams.  This makes a 10 week regular season schedule.  Since we will not have a completely full preseason of results, the board will get together next weekend to organize the divisions.  Please contact any one of us with input as to where you want to be.  (Obviously what results we do have will also be taken into consideration)