New Schedule

The Crowbar is going to have a team, which will put us at 17 teams.  I am going to insert them into the schedule right away, with them having the bye the first week.  This means that 4 other teams will end up with a bye in the upcoming weeks.  Hopefully, we can find another team to get us back to an even number.  I will send you a note if your schedule will change.

Opening Schedule

I will put the schedule into this post, too, but I will also put it into it’s own page on the side over there (<–)  Hopefully one of them will be in a format that you can read.  As it turns out, we ended up not hearing back from the Bowler and Crowbar.  We are assuming that the Three Lyons is dropping as well.  However, Irish is adding a team, and that leaves us with 16.  I put the top 6 together for one group and left the other 10 in one big group.  We will have to decide when we do regular season how to mix them up, but need to remain flexible in case those other teams remember that we play. 😉


6-Oct Flying Saucers Muph Divers Work Zone
Team Irish Mushroom Stampers Cactus Jacks
Townies Menace to Sobriety Mhd Billiards
WTF Despicabulls Cactus Jacks
The Dart Team Slam Dunk Baymont
Swipe Right Sharknado 11 Mhd Billiards
Christine Comebacks Sidestreet
Dirty Shankers Feathercocks Sports Bar
13-Oct Menace to Sobriety Flying Saucers Ft. Noks
Mushroom Stampers Townies Town Hall
Muph Divers Team Irish Mhd Billiards
Sharknado 11 Despicabulls Cactus Jacks
Slam Dunk Swipe Right Elks
Christine The Dart Team Rooters
Feathercocks WTF Sidestreet
Comebacks Dirty Shankers Work Zone
20-Oct Menace to Sobriety Muph Divers Work Zone
Flying Saucers Mushroom Stampers Cactus Jacks
Townies Team Irish Mhd Billiards
Sharknado 11 Feathercocks Sports Bar
Despicabulls Slam Dunk Baymont
Swipe Right The Dart Team Rooters
WTF Comebacks Sidestreet
Dirty Shankers Christine Christine
27-Oct Mushroom Stampers Menace to Sobriety Cactus Jacks
Team Irish Flying Saucers Cactus Jacks
Townies Muph Divers Cactus Jacks
Slam Dunk Sharknado 11 Cactus Jacks
The Dart Team Despicabulls Cactus Jacks
Dirty Shankers Swipe Right Cactus Jacks
Comebacks Feathercocks Cactus Jacks
Christine WTF Cactus Jacks
3-Nov Menace to Sobriety Team Irish Mhd Billiards
Flying Saucers Townies Town Hall
Muph Divers Mushroom Stampers Cactus Jacks
Sharknado 11 The Dart Team Rooters
Despicabulls Swipe Right Elks
Comebacks Slam Dunk Baymont
Feathercocks Christine Christine
WTF Dirty Shankers Work Zone


Again, i have no idea why the site is suddenly not  importing my stuff in the format it used to anymore.  Sucks.  Here are the 4 sheets that I am missing: 2/25 Menace to Sobriety v Muph Divers; 3/10 Redeyes v Bullsacks; 3/17 Comebacks v Redeyes; 3/24 Redeyes v Three Lyons


Also Vicki tells me that some of you guys still haven’t paid yet.  Get on that!


I have no idea why the site has decided that it won’t import my excel sheets, but it is.  So, I am not messing around with the schedule one, where i would normally post the results.  I am missing 4 sheets:  Menace to Sobriety v Muph Divers; Redeyes v Bullsacks; Comebacks v Redeyes; Three Lyons v Feathercocks.