Playoff Wins

Each playoff win will be worth $4.50 per game.



A:  Townies; Menace to Sobriety; Mushroom Stampers; Team Irish

B: Muph Divers; Crowbar; Swipe Right; Flying Saucers

C: WTF; The Dart Team; Sharknado; Comebacks

D: Feathercocks; Christine; Brown Stools; No Bulls Hit


Flying Saucers and The Dart Team were essentially tied, and saucers won 14-12 in games in matches.

Feathercocks and Comebacks were exactly tied, but Feathercocks A) won a forfeit 13-0 and B) lost 20-19 in games in matches.

Lots to unpack:

So here is the basis behind the changes.  We still had 4 weeks left, and that was enough time to rectify some of the flaws in the upper half of the bracket.  Here are some things that should be true about how the schedule finishes up:  Every team should have played the other 4 teams in their bracket 2 times each and also 6 games against the other division.  Now, for this to happen, a bunch of you will play twice against each other in the next 2 weeks.  If you haven’t played a team in your division, you will play them twice in the next 4 weeks.  I think i managed (this time) to make sure the home and aways are balanced for those sets of games, and i tried to double check where you were last time for a rematch moving forward.  I can’t fix all the home games for Swipe Right and Rooters, but I gave you guys both what I could to make up for fewer earlier ones.  The most important criteria i had for changing things was to balance the number of games against A/B for everyone, as removing that bye changed too much in terms of balance.  No B team will play more against A than others (and vice versa).  And everyone at the end of the schedule will play each other team in your division twice.  I apologize for not getting this right the first time through, but am happy that there was enough time left for a balance to happen.