No stats til….brooklyn

i am going to be out of town until Sunday, so i’m not going to put anything up until then.



Divisions are listed in the standings sections.  It was easier to pass around the byes if i had all of A/B play each other.  There are two sets of weeks where there are 2 teams at cactus one week and no one there the next (all of January), I just couldn’t get around that, but i figure that bar can handle 2 twice.  If there is anything that looks odd, let me know and i’ll either fix it, or explain why it looks the way it does.   Please send me the phone numbers of anyone you think may want to sub.  Also, as the BYE falls in the B division, we can pretty much drop a new team into that spot if one materializes.  Good Darting, everyone!



There are exactly 16 teams, and 14 weeks to play the regular season.  I know everyone wanted 3 divisions, but this works out super super well to do 2 divisions of 8, where you play each of the other 7 teams twice.  I think i will bracket pods of 4 (can pay 4 division winners a nominal amount like $75 for winning and $50 for second; this gives everyone a shot at some regular season money) before we break into the tournament.  If anyone has any other suggestions, I’ll hold off on printing up the schedule until Sunday around noon.

Darts Meeting Recap

We will start the league on October 19th.

We are going to establish a sub list that we will post on the site for people to call if they need subs.

The home captain (or someone else) needs to text me a picture of the sheet at the end of the night.  My cell # is 701-306-6694. I will do the stats every Friday around noon.  If you haven’t sent them, I’m not putting them in.