Playoff Schedule

I put the playoff schedule on the appropriate page.  You can click on it to the left just like the regular season one.  If you can’t get it, just call or text me and i can give you a recap.

BTW, all the schedules are alike in this fashion:  You play one team in weeks 1 and 3, one team in weeks 2 and 5 and one team in weeks 4 and 6.  This means you will play one of the teams twice before you play the third team.  With small pods like this, the choice is either that OR every team would either play 3 home games in a row or 3 road games in a row.  This seemed like the more appealing option.

Team totals

I am going to update the team totals right now. Had some unforseen distractions, so individual stuff will go up tomorrow (noonish).

The playoffs will look pretty much exactly like the final standings.  The 4 A teams stay there.  The top 4 B will be together.  The only change is that the Redeyes will drop down, and WTF will move up.  (Three Lyons never played Townies, but we’ll assume that the Townies would have won at least 1 game, which means they finish ahead of the Saucers.   No possible result moves the Three Lyons to another bracket)

Pay your fees!!! (and a note about playoffs)

Vicki tells me that there are about 6 teams who have not payed their league fees. Get this in ASAP.

We will use this week (the 12th) for make ups and we will begin the playoffs on the 19th.
The playoffs will be 6 weeks long, and i will put up a note about how much wins $$ are when i know that answer. Everyone played the exact same schedule, so we will just group by records (4 teams in each playoff pod)


Hey all, There will be a dart tournament this weekend at the Sidestreet. Please show up if you want to spend a Saturday afternoon throwing some darts around. We’ll start at 2 pm, with registration the hour before that.

(Unrelated note: I am working on updating the stats for the site this afternoon, but I am not 100% positive that they will be up tonite. There will be fresh stuff up before we all play tomorrow (if not much sooner).

If you have old results, please please get them in. At this stage, i will be happy with team results, so we can work on the process of figuring out where to place teams for the playoffs.